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Interior and exterior design

Interior design concept:

The science and art of treating the space or space and all its dimensions according to the needs and behavior of the human being in a way in which all design elements are exploited in order to create places that are distinguished by all the aesthetic and functional conditions and standards of innovative spaces at the appropriate cost.


It is the broad awareness and unlimited awareness of all architectural matters and their details, especially the interior ones, such as materials, what they are and how to use them, and pure knowledge of furniture and the measurement and distribution of furniture in the interior space according to its purposes, colors, how to use it and its selection in the place, as well as other necessary coordination matters such as lighting and its distribution and other multiple accessories.


Decoration and interior design:

Decor is to furnish or beautify a place with creative and beautiful items. But he is not responsible for caring for the behavior and interaction of people within the place. It is worth noting that the interior designer can do the work of the interior designer, while the interior designer cannot do all the work of the interior designer, as decoration is only part of the interior design specialty.

An illustrative example: The interior design is represented by the human body, which is determined by the structure, the shape of the skull, and the rest of the body parts, while the embellishment and cladding of the human body of clothes, jewelry and dyes is more like a decoration.